Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bagel Bin Day

About once a week, I like to take the girls to Bagel Bin for breakfast. I look forward to those days. All I have to do is get the girls dressed, teeth brushed, hair combed, and out the door.  No need to pack lunches, snacks, or make breakfasts because Bagel Bin does that for me. No fuss. No messes to clean up. We can be up and out the door in 30 minutes on Bagel Bin days.  I consider it my own personal life hack. Bagel Bin Day is one of my favorite days of the work week.

TODAY was my Bagel Bin day. Anne was up and dressed in no time flat (the promise of sweet treats does wonders for her motivation), but Elizabeth was just not feeling it today. She was slow to wake up and then she was SO STARVING that she couldn’t possibly locate the energy to put on pants and a shirt until she had food; Anne and I had some time to kill. While Elizabeth was eating, I walked into the playroom and saw that my brand new WHITE Pottery Barn craft table was now sported a ginormous oil pastel signature. “ANNE! I’m in the playroom. WHY AM I ANGRY?” This is a game I like to play with the kids to see if they really didn't recognize that they did something dumb. Elizabeth almost always knows exactly what I'm talking about and rushes to fix it and apologize. Anne knows, but her poker face is the best and this kid is all about denial.  Anne walked into the playroom. She looked at her name written on my brand new WHITE table and then looked at me all wide-eyed and innocent, “I don’t know. Why are you angry?” She finally conceded that her leaving her mark on my new table MAY  be the cause of my apparent irrational emotions and she fetched a paper towel to remedy the situation. This is when we learned that oil pastels do not wash nicely off of my brand new white table.  I grabbed the dish soap and poured it onto the table and we started scrubbing. We got it mostly clean, but if we didn’t leave soon, we were going to miss Bagel Bin day…and it’s my FAVORITE day of the week. I gave up scrubbing and just started to try to rinse off the mountain of suds on the table. I stepped out of the room to rinse out my rag and when I walked back in, Anne’s “helping clean it” by dumping the entire bottle of dish soap on the table. Grrrrrrrrr. Back to square one. The only thing harder than soap to clean is raw egg. I did not have a happy heart as I started to slough off the suds.

I managed to get most of the suds off of the table and at 7:45, I left Anne with one rinsed out dish cloth, firm instructions NOT to put ANY more soap on the table, and a final lecture on writing on furniture. I ran upstairs, got dressed and walked back down the stairs at  7:46. As I was walking down the stairs Anne was so excited, “Mom, I found a great way to rinse off the table. It's MUCH better. I get water from the sink and I dump it onto the table and then I use a dry cloth. It’s like magic,” Oh dear Lord. “Anne, are you making a mess?” “Nope, none of it’s getting on the floor,” she says just as I turn the corner and see her dumping an entire cup of water onto the table. Nope, none of it got on the floor…because the water fall is perfectly directed into the rolling storage carts underneath the table....the rolling carts that are used to store puzzles and paper which were now enjoying their own personal indoor pool courtesy of Anne.

So maybe Bagel Bin day isn't mess-free, but at  noon when I unpacked my beautifully-crafted roast beef sandwich on a jalapeno bagel, I was decided that Bagel Bin is my favorite day...especially when the morning is full of mess and fuss!

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