Thursday, November 26, 2015

Holiday Frivalty

We got a huge box of fancy new Christmas lights. I mean, they are all kinds of high tech; they can go in waves, sequential, slo glo, chase, twinkle, and more. We bought 10 packs of these lights and they can be daisy-chained together. However, each string has its own control box so for the lights to be in the same mode, you have to turn each individual string to the proper setting on its own. This brought out the electrician in Will and with his eyes all aglow he said, “Hey babe, if you don’t mind me doing an electronic project, I could string a few of these together and get them on one control. What do you think?” I thought about it for a minute, “I don’t think that’s really necessary. It would probably be a waste of time, but if you really want to…” Deflated, he said, “Oh ok. I guess so.”
A dejected Will grabbed his cup of coffee and sat down next to me. “What are you doing by the way?” “Me? Oh...I am just sewing this dishcloth to our fruit basket so that I have a cute way to put the silverware out for our Friendsgiving Feast tomorrow.” Will looked a little confused. “I thought you liked that fruit basket. You don’t want to use it anymore?” Now it was my turn to be confused, “No, of course I still want to use it. This is just for tomorrow; I’m just sewing this on here for tomorrow and then I’ll take it back off.”
Without a word, he left the table. He returned with a set of wire cutters, some electrical tape, and three strings of lights. Grateful for my kind, caring, patient and handy husband.

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