Thursday, September 25, 2014

Morning Greetings

Anne has a smile that lights up her whole face, never more though than when she’s causing mischief.

This morning we were sitting down for breakfast. Both girls were still groggy and waking up; we were all pretty subdued when Elizabeth excused herself to go to the bathroom. As soon as she was out of earshot Anne said, “Mom, you should tell Elizabeth ‘hi’ when she comes back.” She wasn’t smiling from ear to ear so this seemed like a pretty legit request. When we heard toilet flush Anne reminded me, “Don’t forget to say “hi” to Elizabeth.” Still not a hint of looming chaos.
When Elizabeth returned to the kitchen, Anne looked at me imploringly. “Hi, Elizabeth” I complied. In reply, Elizabeth grunted and moaned. Now came the devil smile. That was EXACTLY what she wanted.  Anne chortled. Elizabeth wailed, “She’s laughing at me!” Anne chortled harder. Elizabeth wailed harder. An amused Anne whispered to me, “She’s crying JUST because you said hi to her.”

Eventually Elizabeth stopped wailing and returned to her normal grumpy, early-morning state. As soon as she sat back in her seat Anne’s face lit up, “HI, ELIZABETH!” Elizabeth wailed. Anne chortled.

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